let us do the work.

Your Italian catering solutions are just a phone call away.
If you’re planning a dining event—regardless of type or size—you’re bound to have questions.

Italian Catering doesn’t get any simpler.
Luciano’s full-service Italian catering begins with our simplest and most affordable plan. Just call ahead and tell us the time and place your event will be held. Place your Italian food order (we’ll be glad to help), schedule a pickup, and then come by at the appointed hour. We’ll have your order ready. Or, if you prefer, we can deliver!

Your job just got a whole lot easier.
Need more than just great Italian food? Ask us about Luciano’s Party Catering. In addition to delicious Italian cuisine, we’ll supply all your serving needs, including chafing dishes, tableware, dishes, table cloths and any other items you need. What’s more, we deliver everything and then come back later to pick up used and soiled items.